Wednesday, July 18, 2007

World Inspiration

Something I have been checking out a lot lately is Architectural Salvage places, and being rather inspired by things like this. It started as plans for when we lock down a house, but its obviously blending well with this effort as well. I'll toss in a few links to some sites that show some pretty cool stuff, that might get you thinking.

Architectural Salvage Inc.
The Brass Knob
Old House Salvage
Ohmega Salvage

I just visited that first one, down in Denver, on the weekend. I wanted to take half the place with me. That push plate I linked up top was tough to walk away from, even at $95. Trying to reason out how I'd get mantles and oversized doors home in my suitcase has haunted my dreams since.

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Gotthammer said...

Along with Geo's creation, that's all very inspiring stuff!