Saturday, July 14, 2007

Spanish American War

It is war, and Generalisimo Santa Anna, having conquered Texas, is in the process of doing the same against General Lee's United States army. How can this be? At every turn, Lee's strategy is both anticipated, and countered with greatest effect. The situation is dire. Queen Victoria's scientific advisory board has programmed the Royal Analytical Engine to ananlyze the situation, and with an 89.4% certainty, the Spanish forces are using temporal displacement to guide their battles. Since Her Majesty does not want a hostile Spanish presence along the southern boarders of her North American Colonies (Upper and Lower Canada, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, etc.), she commandeds that her crack time machine detection and elimination unit take action.


Gotthammer said...

Should be an interesting campaign starter...the question is...why can't the Spanish anticipate the Queen's time unit, if they can anticipate war outcomes?

steamedinedmonton said...

Several possibilities. One, since it makes sense that time travel requires greater energy to go back further, the unit can be cautious in avoiding dangerous time frames. An other is that they can carry a device to locally restrict time travel.