Thursday, July 19, 2007

Brainstorm: Train Punks

The rail barons rule the railways. But renegade Steam Punks with confiscated trains also ride the rails...the question do they do it?

Do they build their own lines of track and intersect the main rails until their track is scrapped by the barons?

The dangers are high (unless you have train schedules)...but the rewards in terms of speed are great.


steamedinedmonton said...

Since full size trains are not the only official vehicles (rail maintenance crews use one or two man lever driven carts, I imagine train punks would create homebrew steam racers and race them illegally on the rails. Derailments would be common, I imagine.

blu said...

They would definitely pilfer the track, rather than bother with laying their own. As geo says, they'd have to be smart, resourceful and cautious. Otherwise they'd have a rather short life expectancy.

Very cool idea.

steamedinedmonton said...

Train punks would certainly look for straight track allowing greater speed. The ultimate: Nullarbor Plain--
Vast limestone plateau, southern Australia is crossed by the world's longest stretch of straight railroad track (330 mi [530 km]).