Character Profile: Jamie “Lucky” Goodcakes

Here is the background Mikey received at the beginning of the first game:

You are the only son of Bellula Goodcakes, a prostitute at The Devil’s Luck, a brothel in the Eastern District of Freeport, but very nearly on the border of Scurvytown. When you came of age (22) last month, the owner of The Devil’s Luck, Finn, a bourgeoning crime lord in the Eastern district, gave you a job as a chimney sweep for bigger homes in Drac’s End. The goal of Finn’s chimney sweeping enterprise is to case buildings for possible break and enter jobs. This is why your work takes you outside of The Eastern District. Drac’s End is a test site for taking the heist into the Merchant District or the Old City, where the real money is.

Your work has taken you to many places in Drac’s End, but the Cleaves Home for Foundlings and Wayward Children is your favorite, as it represents a chance at a better life. You know that the children of Cleaves are provided an education by volunteer faculty from the Freeport Institute. You hope to find a way to listen in on classes, and learn enough to better your situation. You have also become quite smitten with a blonde girl named Sophie. So far, you merely admire her from afar.

Your contacts:
Thurber Sime, a gifted but barely-heard-of artist living in the Cluster of Drac’s End. His portraits are remarkable for their ability to capture the essence of their model, but many of Freeport’s citizens would rather not see their true selves in all their avariciousness, vanity, or cruelty, staring back at them over the mantelpiece. Thurber is reduced to sketching people in the street and drawing in chalk upon the pavement.

Gitch: While he may be small, ugly, and overconfident, Gitch truly is the most skilled mage in the orc/goblin community of Freeport. Gitch was never as skilled as his wizardly peers, but he had enough intellect and cunning to master a small degree of magic and put it to use. Several years ago, through magic means (you’re not sure of the details), he created a fire wagon. He installed a brewing vat on a wagon, and Freeport’s Goblin Fire Department was born! For a small fee, Gitch would put out fires and make it very clear if you didn’t want another fire to break out, you’d best pay him a regular fee. You have worked for Gitch as a “spark,” an arsonist in the Eastern District and Scurvytown. As far as protection rackets go, it was remarkably sophisticated for Scurvytown, and anyone who tried to get rough with Gitch or his goblin accomplices discovered the little guy knew some very dangerous spells.

Things you know from being on the street (the things you tell people as a “guide”):

8 Things Everyone Should Know in Freeport
  1. If you’re thinking about visiting Freeport, there are a few things you should know if you value your coins, your life, and maybe even your soul.
  2. Put your purse near your jewels. Freeport is notorious for thievery, and many people lose their fortunes within three steps of the boat that carried them here. Stick your valuables in places no thief would go.
  3. Mind your manners. Don’t like half-orcs? Keep it to yourself. Say the wrong thing, and you’re bound to lose a few teeth. Say it twice, and you’ll be lucky to escape with your life.
  4. Use small coins. You might have a lot of money, but you won’t for long if you’re not careful. Pay for everything in the smallest coins possible, within reason. Don’t pay for a sword in pennies: haul out a thousand copper bits, and you’ll get kicked into the gutter.
  5. Keep your eyes on your shoes. Gaping about is a sure way to get robbed, stabbed, raped, or all three.
  6. If you’re lost, look for the walls. Freeport doesn’t have any conveniences like signs—most folks can’t read anyway. The best landmark is the Old City Walls. You can’t miss them. If they’re in front of you, you’re in the Docks; behind you, you’re in Drac’s End; to the east, you’re in the Merchant District; to the west, you’re either in the Eastern District or about to enter a world of pain (that’s Scurvytown if you're not paying attention).
  7. The Watch doesn’t give a damn. The Freeport Watch is a sorry excuse for law enforcement. You feel you’ve been wronged? Get over it. The Watch doesn’t give a shit for your troubles.
  8. Avoid the Scurvytown Prostitutes. The Docks aren’t much better, but odds are that except for the few coins you spent there, you’ll come away with everything you brought with you.
  9. Don’t trust anyone. Not even me.