Friday, August 31, 2007

Miniatures 2.138746

Ok, I've left numerous comments on Mike's last miniatures post, but I found these, and they seem bang on.'s Victorian Age figures. There are even a couple of dual pistol weilding gangsters in there for you Mike.

These sky pirates also might interest some of you. Just throwing that out there.

I might also need to develop a character around this figure. Just you all try and stop me! (I'm not even linking the British infantry in rubber dinosaur suit figure I found)

So, some more cool stuff. Just a question of how tough it is for us to get in these cold northern wastes of ours.


Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Miniatures Part 2

Was up at Mission Fun and Games today picking up some plastic card stands, much like the picture here, but white, not black. These are tough little suckers to come by. Bought every bag they had - 3 of them at 10 pieces/bag. They'll work nicely for paper miniatures, which are likely going to be the way we're going to have to go. I picked up the Victorian paper miniatures I mentioned in my last post on miniatures. They'll work nicely for NPC's, but they lack the flavor a good adventurer needs.
Lucky for us Mission Fun and Games carried a few of Copplestone Castings offerings. These figures are made in the UK, so they're an arm and a leg in terms of purchase per package. Each pack was roughly $16. Then it occurred to me that this is close to the standard price for individual figures...$4 a piece. So I grabbed two packs, just to get us going:
1. Jolly Good Chaps - from the "High Adventure Series" (1890's-1930)

2. Armed Archaeologists

I'll be the first to say...they're not precisely Victorian, but they're hella more accurate for our game than our current roster of figures are.

Here's a link to the page of the "High Adventure" figures. The "Back of Beyond" ones repeat a few of these, but there are some in there that would be worth getting. They also had a lot of the Call of Cthulhu figures I talked about in my last post which are also appropriate if none of the above 8 figures suit your fancy. There are 8 of us gaming this campaign (Blaine, David, Jeff, George, Mike, Mikey, Nathaniel, and Taylor) so you can pick one of the above (first come first served. I already chose the armed archaeologist with the double pistols), or head over to Mission Fun and Games to peruse their Call of Cthulhu stuff yourself. I know they had the doctor, private investigator and priest, to name a few. My guess is they have the entire line, although I wasn't ready to lay down the money to buy the whole bunch. I should also mention that Copplestone did a series from Central Asia Taylor might be interested in if he ends up playing Khan.

Picking a figure this time around actually might help you build your character...where in the past we often had to do it the other way around.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Why reinvent the wheel? Or in this case, the steam engine?

After M.B.'s one shot game last night, I got to reflecting about the Steampunk game for the fall, and did some searching on I knew they had some source books for what we're looking to do, and I came across the following:

The Castle Falkenstein line of books:

Originally a print series adapted by GURPs, this is a fully late Victorian world, but it seems to contain most of the elements we've been talking about; the use of faerie magick will remind some of Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell: more on Falkenstein HERE.
Castle Falkenstein
Memoirs of Auberon the Faerie
The Steam Age
The Lost Notebooks of Leonardo DaVinci (I imagine a lengthy campaign retrieving these!)
Six-Guns and Sorcery
Comme Il Faut
Book of Sigils

And some other odds and ends:
Sorcery and Steam
Steam and Steel
Deadlands Player Guide

Paris: The Spectral City Babbage Edition
Imperial Age Magick
Imperial Age Spiritualism
Gamemaster's Guidebook to Victorian Adventure

I know I earlier stated we likely wouldn't need such things, some of these sources were so on track with what we've talked about that I thought they'd make good resources - and if we get them at we can all have PDF copies to peruse at our leisure - plus the print versions we run off (only of the sections we want to use!).

I didn't do a calculation of what the whole lot would net us, but seeing as we'll be dredging up around $60/gaming session, I'm not too worried about that - most of these resources were dirt cheap.

Friday, August 3, 2007

Character Profile: Mordecai Flint

The question, as posed by the joker, was where does he get all these wonderful toys? The answer, is Modecai Flint. If he doesn't have it, he knows where to get it. If he can't get it, chances are he'll still tell you he can get it, provided you have a deposit.

He has toys that don't quit, and no clue where they came from or how they work. If they cease to work he dumps them in the trash, assuming he can't find a sucker to pay him for taking them. It's rather a safe assumption. Suckers or not, he can read people exceptionally well and exceptionally quickly.

He looks as if he's been on the wrong side of a few deals. He is also a man that would make you want to be sure of your position, if not your equipment and any possible back up, before starting

Why work an honest day when you can work people like clay, and enjoy your day. He'd turn over on his mom to finish a deal, but he's already done that one too many times. He didn't even attend her wake.