Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Miniatures Part 2

Was up at Mission Fun and Games today picking up some plastic card stands, much like the picture here, but white, not black. These are tough little suckers to come by. Bought every bag they had - 3 of them at 10 pieces/bag. They'll work nicely for paper miniatures, which are likely going to be the way we're going to have to go. I picked up the Victorian paper miniatures I mentioned in my last post on miniatures. They'll work nicely for NPC's, but they lack the flavor a good adventurer needs.
Lucky for us Mission Fun and Games carried a few of Copplestone Castings offerings. These figures are made in the UK, so they're an arm and a leg in terms of purchase per package. Each pack was roughly $16. Then it occurred to me that this is close to the standard price for individual figures...$4 a piece. So I grabbed two packs, just to get us going:
1. Jolly Good Chaps - from the "High Adventure Series" (1890's-1930)

2. Armed Archaeologists

I'll be the first to say...they're not precisely Victorian, but they're hella more accurate for our game than our current roster of figures are.

Here's a link to the page of the "High Adventure" figures. The "Back of Beyond" ones repeat a few of these, but there are some in there that would be worth getting. They also had a lot of the Call of Cthulhu figures I talked about in my last post which are also appropriate if none of the above 8 figures suit your fancy. There are 8 of us gaming this campaign (Blaine, David, Jeff, George, Mike, Mikey, Nathaniel, and Taylor) so you can pick one of the above (first come first served. I already chose the armed archaeologist with the double pistols), or head over to Mission Fun and Games to peruse their Call of Cthulhu stuff yourself. I know they had the doctor, private investigator and priest, to name a few. My guess is they have the entire line, although I wasn't ready to lay down the money to buy the whole bunch. I should also mention that Copplestone did a series from Central Asia Taylor might be interested in if he ends up playing Khan.

Picking a figure this time around actually might help you build your character...where in the past we often had to do it the other way around.


blu said...

My initial character being in a wheelchair will either mean a few hours spend customizing (not likely at this point) or possibly a change in direction.

Le sigh

blu said...

Possible Khan figure

blu said...

From those sets, I think the best starting point for Wyndham is the Doctor in the black suit (without the hat and cape).

blu said...

... or I could get the motorcycle cops, and cut the guy on the bike off, and get crazy with the file and some paint. That could just work for Wyndham.

blu said...

Some good stuff here too: