Friday, August 31, 2007

Miniatures 2.138746

Ok, I've left numerous comments on Mike's last miniatures post, but I found these, and they seem bang on.'s Victorian Age figures. There are even a couple of dual pistol weilding gangsters in there for you Mike.

These sky pirates also might interest some of you. Just throwing that out there.

I might also need to develop a character around this figure. Just you all try and stop me! (I'm not even linking the British infantry in rubber dinosaur suit figure I found)

So, some more cool stuff. Just a question of how tough it is for us to get in these cold northern wastes of ours.



Gotthammer said...

I hadn't seen the thugs before, but I had seen the Sky Pirates.

As for the other figures, remember Blu...they're just a representation of the character...hard to find wheelchair figures.

Gotthammer said...

nice work btw.

blu said...

Yeah, I know its just a representation, but like you say, it all feeds the idea. I'd certainly feel the disabled character a little more if every time I looked at the board and had to position him, I was reminded of that disability.

And thanks. Hopefully I didn't just dig up a bunch of stuff that we have no way of getting our hands on.

Gotthammer said...

We can attain. All is attainable.