Thursday, August 16, 2007

Why reinvent the wheel? Or in this case, the steam engine?

After M.B.'s one shot game last night, I got to reflecting about the Steampunk game for the fall, and did some searching on I knew they had some source books for what we're looking to do, and I came across the following:

The Castle Falkenstein line of books:

Originally a print series adapted by GURPs, this is a fully late Victorian world, but it seems to contain most of the elements we've been talking about; the use of faerie magick will remind some of Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell: more on Falkenstein HERE.
Castle Falkenstein
Memoirs of Auberon the Faerie
The Steam Age
The Lost Notebooks of Leonardo DaVinci (I imagine a lengthy campaign retrieving these!)
Six-Guns and Sorcery
Comme Il Faut
Book of Sigils

And some other odds and ends:
Sorcery and Steam
Steam and Steel
Deadlands Player Guide

Paris: The Spectral City Babbage Edition
Imperial Age Magick
Imperial Age Spiritualism
Gamemaster's Guidebook to Victorian Adventure

I know I earlier stated we likely wouldn't need such things, some of these sources were so on track with what we've talked about that I thought they'd make good resources - and if we get them at we can all have PDF copies to peruse at our leisure - plus the print versions we run off (only of the sections we want to use!).

I didn't do a calculation of what the whole lot would net us, but seeing as we'll be dredging up around $60/gaming session, I'm not too worried about that - most of these resources were dirt cheap.

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Gotthammer said...

While I know this would take us out of the Edwardian period, I think the advantage of having resource books outweighs any other disadvantages, especially for Nathaniel and Blaine, who were like "Steam what?" Plus it gives us a framework to start with. I don't want to slavishly adhere to these resources, but I think having boundaries is good. And it will save us some work. And that's really good for a guy like me.

For the record, it's 90.80 for the whole lot.

And we'll pull $80/game.