Sunday, July 15, 2007


We'll definitely have to get some new miniatures, whatever we decide about the sets. I think we should continue our tradition of $10/game to generate the necessary bling for things.

I've come across a couple of good possibilities for our miniatures for the Steampunk scenario proper if it's set in an alternate history, not a secondary world:
We can use PAPER would definitely be cheaper. Victorians...gunfighters...pulp heroes...pulp sci fi...
GURPS Steampunk Box Set
Call of Cthulhu figures - click on the links, look around at the sub-menus for Call of Cthulhu, there's some good stuff there.
Some great historical a size pretty close to traditional gaming figures (1/72 scale - we use 25-28mm currently)

And a shout out to the best collection of miniatures I found available online...

Another possibility are the figures for "Horrorclix", because they have stuff like this figure. Trouble is, it's a collectible figure game - so we'd be paying for individual figures out of box...which makes it again more work. But there's definitely some cool stuff.

My old fantasy fave, Reaper miniatures has some good figures as well - a cowgirl, a Monster hunter and others hidden in the depths that might work well for us, but it's going to be work tracking down good figures for this campaign, that much is blatantly obvious.

Anyhow. Just some late night surfing, with the hope of finding some kick-ass figures.

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