Thursday, July 26, 2007

Screw Starting, It ENDS HERE

I am well aware I keep posting and linking about gadgets and making things. Sorry. I can't stop. I could not in good conscience keep this one to myself though. I might actually miss some games, as it looks like I'm going to have to leave Canada, travel to Japan, and apprentice myself to the guy who made all of THESE.

Either that, or I'll shortly be slashing my wrists and bleeding out. The world might not be able to contain this much beauty.


steamedinedmonton said...

Cool. I would like to craft these kinds of cuffs too, and the movements are cool too. Can't do the Japanese thing, though since sitting on floor incompatible with my lack of flexibility.

Gotthammer said...

Now those are serious timepieces! Like Doctor Who would wear...or me.

blu said...

Yeah Mike, I cried after getting all excited finding these a month before my birthday, and then reading that they aren't for sale.


Capitalism fails again!

Geo, I get the sense that he crafts at the very least, all of the watch face enclosures too. I dunno, if you can find a supplier that will sell us faces like that, you just lemme know. I'm in.

blu said...

Oh man, I might have to buy these and wear them each time we game.