Monday, July 16, 2007

Character Profile: Benedict Ulysses Stewart

I'm thinking of a mix between Sir Richard Francis Burton, Roland the Gunslinger, and Allan Quatermain; he likely had ties to Colonial England but has long since done away with these, frustrated by the ethnocentrism of the British nation. If there are other reasons for Michael's anti-colonial attitude, he has not revealed them. He attended Oxford, then traveled the world on his father's money (he has a background in nobility), spending his fortune on adventuring, womanizing and philanthropist activities in destitute countries. He maintains a fair estate, although he is rarely ever there, choosing instead to travel the globe in an airship. He is working on a written account of his exploits but realizes that so far they mostly amount to going to exotic lands, seducing women and then donating money to church orphanages. As a result, he is looking for something really grand to devote his attention to. His favored weapons are two Colt Dragoon Revolvers (amazing given their rarity) and a cutlass he won off of a pirate while in the British Navy stationed in the Caribbean. He is a theological Anglican, but a bit of a rogue in practice. He has been married, but at 28 is already a widower. He has no children to his knowledge, but keeps hunting dogs on his estate. He has a passion for Appleton rum and expensive cigars.

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