Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Character Profile: Khan

Posting this for blu since he doesn't know how to use the interwebs 100% yet:

An Osmanli fighting noble (Ottoman Empire) who left during the modernization of the Ottoman Empire. Caught up in the elation of the time in Turkey, he finally admitted that though promising, the Ottoman Empire was doomed, having traveled and seen what the rest of the world powers were up to. He left his country quietly in the night, though not without a promise to his Grand Vizier, a long time friend. He would send back what information he could. It was his information and connections that later brought the Ottoman Air Force into being in 1909, after arranging for 2 Turkish pilots to attend the Internation Aviation Conference in Paris.

Khan lead the Akiunci (frontline cavalry), and later the Sipahi (elite cavalry). He lead decisivly these forces, who could at once attack as well as defend, attack brashly and then melt away quickly. Of course the Ottoman Empire was the first military force to employ the musket (smoothbore long guns), and to this day still make the best firearms.

Not much else is known of Khan. He must fight publicly, but all else he keeps private. It is assumed that his connections range far and wide, and in many places, high as well. An inscription seen on his gear translates "Ever victorious".


Gotthammer said...

Cool idea...though I'm not sure "Khan" is a terribly Ottoman name. Mustafa Kemal, Barbarossa - think Persian, not Oriental.

steamedinedmonton said...

What are Kahn's fav. weapons?

taylor said...

Mike, Khan was the name given for a few reasons. Firstly because I'm offering up the character for anyone, it lets them choose the real name. Secondly, because he has not lived in his own country for some time and prefers to be discreet, he goes by Khan, which is a title for a Turkish military leader.

ref: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Khan

Geo, given his background I'm pretty sure he'd have a decent
longbore rifle. Other than that again I'm trying to leave it open, but cavalry suggests weapons that work from horseback. Polearms maybe, and something smaller for close situations like scouting missions.