Monday, October 22, 2007

More miniatures...I think these have grand potential

A plethora of figures...I came across a line from Privateer Press, and they had some great stuff. The stuffy looiking unpainted academics are not from theirs, but I thought I'd display them for anyone whose character is ultimately pedantic. The long rifleman with the broad hat seemed an option for Nathaniel, while the man in the gas-mask could be either Taylor or Jeff - Taylor, because of the Alchemy, Jeff because of the ruined face. The guy with the two guns held up...well, I like him a lot, but I like all the two fisted shooters in this lot. There's a big burly sunnuvabitch with a bald head and beard - Thorower post shave, with a new outfit and a John Henry hammer in place of the axe? Of course, there's always the two fisted axeman for Thorower...There's a guy with a huge wrench who might be Blaine, and several general heroes...It was too grand a pain in my ass to format these pictures to fit together in any sense of coherence, but each one is linked to their original page at the site we can order them from. I thought they captured a lot of the spirit of our game, if nothing else. I know they're a bit "swordy" but there are always ways around that. And if we can't remodel them, then let's wield some swords dammit! Anyhow, bottom line is this. Go through the miniatures and let's get ordering some. Here are the links to the previous miniatures posts.
Miniatures, Round 1
Miniatures, Round 2
Miniatures, Round 2.blu
And a quick link to the Call of Cthulhu minis, which are choice.
Place your comments as to which ones you want for your character, and I'll get ordering as soon as everyone has let me know.


Gotthammer said...

As I've already said in the body, I like Master Holt (the guy with the two guns that have blades on them) and both Lt. and Cpt. Allister Caine. I guess he got promoted. The blue flamey guns is just too damn cool.

blu said...

These figures are bloody awesome btw. Nice find.